Jan Utecht

Jan Utecht grew up in a small village in West Germany close to the Iron Curtain which broke down when he was 8. When 23 he moved to Berlin-Kreuzberg. Punk music, turkish people and ugly graffiti everywhere, Utecht finally felt at the right place, but still didn't know what to do with his live. After reading an internship offer for an animated film with "satanic and anti-religious-content", he went for the interview. One year later he started studying at Film University Babelsberg. In 2010 his son was born. 2016 he finished his graduation film titled Reflecting Black. With this seven minute short Utecht introduces an animation technique which he developed during his studies: the animation of reflections on a surface of black oil paint which Utecht calls Reflection Motion.


- Last Living Dinosaur, music video 2016
- Reflecting Black, animated short 2016, Grand Prix Motion Design at Panam Anim Paris
- Erasure, music video 2017